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domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Cleopatra vs. Sisi

    Dear readers,
Once again it is summer, time to relax and for me to write in this blog, and once again I’m going to write about the formula 1 racers’ girlfriend, but this time I’m going to compare them to the tennis players’ girlfriends.
First I’m going to start with probably the most famous; Xisca Perello, which is Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend. Maria Francisca Perello is about 20 years old. She and Rafael met while in school in Majorca. Xisca attends a university in Palma, Majorca’s capital and is currently preparing for her exams.
Surprisingly, Roger Federer hasn’t got a model, singer or actress as girlfriend instead he has married a big fat tennis player. Roger Federer met his long-time girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec, at Sydney 2000 Olympics, when they both were representing Switzerland. And ever since then, they are inseparable.
Mr. Andy Murray eventually broke up with Kim Sears in 2009. Kim Sears is a middleclass, well-educated but happy to blend into the background. Although, all this didn’t help her find a job.
Mr. Del Potro was seen with Cecilia Liberti a model, which I think has too much make-up on always.
Bec Hewitt is married to Lleyton Hewitt. Bec is an Australian actress and singer which has conquered Mr. Hewitt’s heart; she lives happily with her big family.
Agustina Cordova is the Spanish José Acasuso’s girlfriend. Agustina is an actress and model although she doesn’t look like one.
Brooklyn Decker is Mr. Andy Roddick’s girlfriend. Brooklyn is an American fashion model and actress and has worked for Victoria’s Secret swimming collection.
Spanish, Carlos Moya married the actress and model which has appeared many times in lots of humour television series, Carolina Cerezuela.
In conclusion I would like to ask you why formula 1 racer’s have prettier girlfriends than tennis players. Referring back to my title could tennis players and their girlfriends represent Cleopatra, very intelligent although ugly and formula 1 racer and their girlfriends represent Sisi, very pretty about hiding ugliness inside?
So remember beauty is for one day and intelligence for ever.
Yours sincerely,
Super Coletitas.

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jaume101 dijo...

a que se debe ese cambio a la lengua de Shakespeare?

Super Coletitas dijo...

Estimat Jaume101,
Jo soc la filla de PdA i una de les llegues que uso es l’anglès.
Moltes gracies per el seu interès, i bona nit.

jaume101 dijo...

Hola Super Coletitas:
Molt de gust,era simple curiositat.
l´article molt intresant

J. Arce dijo...

Cojones, iba a responder en chino pero no tengo teclado. La atracción física es una parte importante de una relación. El problema es cuando te haces famoso y dejas atrás tu pasado: eso solo lleva a la soledad y el fracaso.

Super Coletitas dijo...

Estimat Jaume101,
M’alegra molt que li hagi agradat.

Estimado J.Arce,
Yo estoy estudiando mandarín y hubiese sido divertido que su respuesta hubiese sido escrita en ping ying. Tiene mucha razón la atracción física es parte de la relación pero también hay más cosas. Si, los famosos muchas veces dejan atrás su pasado y esto les lleva al fracaso, pero creo que también hay muchos que siguen recordando el pasado.
Zai jian.

Txomin dijo...


Super Coletitas dijo...

Estimado Txomin,
Gracias por comentar (¿en japonés?) pero, desgraciadamente no tengo el nivel como para leer en chino tradicional, ya que los símbolos me cuestan bastante. Espero que le haya gustado la entrada, y siento que no pueda responder al cometario ya que los distintos traductores online me dicen cosas distintas, incluso cuando uso el inglés como idioma final.
Un cordial saludo.

Txomin dijo...

La entrada me hizo gracia, por supuesto.

Primero escribí "what the fuck?" pero después de leer los comentarios pensé que quizá te gustaría mas un comentario en japonés (se lee, "nanda yo"). Literalmente, significa "que es eso?" pues en japonés no hay palabrotas realmente. La expresión se utiliza como cuando en español decimos "que leches/carajo es esto"...

Un saludo, buena gente.

Super Coletitas dijo...

Estimado Txomin,
Muchas gracias por la aclaración. En ningún momento me atreví a contestar ya que lo único en lo que los traductores decían lo mismo era en el “yo” de “nanda yo”, además las traducciones eran desde “lo que” hasta cosas como “nosotros lo tenemos”.
Muchas gracias.

Arcadia Hostel dijo...

First of all you didn't mention the pretty Serbian of course girlfriend of the no 1 now Novak Djokovic!And i will have to disagree about what you are saying that beauty is for one day but intelligence for ever!!Jajaj i never herd stupiest think..are u serious pal, for one day?Anyway you are trying to say that the beauty will here is the answer:
In the scale of someone so successful like Federrer you can always have a beautiful young girl even if you are 70 only for your personality that she will adore!!The only thing it comes across my mind for their selection is that 1st of all they don't know what is beauty (if it was nothing we wouldn't have the beauty contests and everybody knows that a beautiful girl has the world at her feet)!As Dorian Gray said "Inteligence you have to proove but beauty no because is so obvious"!!So these people doesn't know what is pretty and what is worth, maybe their mother was really ugly or they may just have very strange sexual taste or preferences!I can't thin of something more..

Super Coletitas dijo...

Thank you for commenting my article. I respect your opinion but I really think that intelligence is far better than beauty. Sorry for the delay but I was training my intelligence.
Yours sincerely, Super Coletitas.

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