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sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Empress Sisi

Dear readers,

Before you start reading I would like to ask you a simple question; why do formula 1 racers have as girlfriends or wives, models, singers, dancers, etc.? This is what I wondered when I was thinking what to write. So, I’m going to write about the top models, singers, dancers... that are (or have been) girlfriends and wives of F1 racers.

The title ‘Empress Sisi’ refers to an Austro-Hungarian empress, who was very attractive at least according to the publicity of that time, although the nowadays historians have some doubts. As lots of the F1 girlfriends, they are very attractive. But are they hiding something ugly?

First I’m going to start with the most famous, miss Nicole Scherzinger. She is singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model and Mr. Hamilton’s girlfriend. But why is she with Mr. Hamilton, in the search of money, publicity, or something else?

Mrs. Raquel Del Rosario is leader singer of the Spanish music band ‘El Sueño de Morfeo’. Before Alonso won his first championship, there were all sorts of rumours about Raquel and Mr. Alonso. Then, after about two years, even bigger rumours, which ended to be truth, said that Mrs. Del Rosario and Mr. Alonso had married. But why did she marry Mr. Alonso?

Miss Jessica Michibata is a half-Japanese, half-Argentinean model that has popped in numerous campaigns, as well as in Teriyaki Boyz videos. Miss Michibata is Mr. Button’s girlfriend. But why is she with Mr. Button?

Miss Isabel Reis is an irresistible German model who has captured Mr. Glock’s heart. How would you say no, to such an angel? But why Mr. Glock? What does she see in him?

Mrs. Luna Castellani was an Italian show-girl that didn’t have success. Now, she is Mr. Fisichella’s wife and model! What do people see in her, she’s horrible!? And one more question, why did she marry Mr. Fisichella?

Miss Hanna Prater is Vettel’s girlfriend. She’s half-English, I hope it’s not her teeth. Although she not pretty enough you could admire her when she’s near Vettel. But why Vettel? What does she see in him?

Miss Vivian Sibold is Mr. Rosberg’s girlfriend. She tried to be an interior designer by joining a interior design school, just to pass time till Mr. Rosberg lets her hire one. But, why is she with Mr. Rosberg?

Mrs. Ana Rafael Bassi is Massa’s wife. People say that she got a great shoulder to cry on, considering all the whining that Massa has done in the two past years.

Now, dear readers, I would like you to vote for the most pretty girlfriend or wife and also comment on their dark side. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Super Coletitas.

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F-1 A.L.C. dijo...


que japonesa exótica! linda, elegante, sexy.

yo voy por la michibata

Super Coletitas dijo...

Dear F.1.A.L.C,
Thank you for commenting. Michibata is very pretty, although my father says that Michibata is nothing compared with Mansell’s wife.
Yours sincerely.

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for best news!

Super Coletitas dijo...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for commenting my post.
Yours sincerely.

J. ARCE dijo...


Super Coletitas dijo...

Dear Mr. Arce,
I’m sorry that I couldn’t answer you earlier, due to my studies.
Yes, I do think that money is the cause of these romances. Indeed, from my point of view, F1 racers are ugly.
Thank you for commenting my post and have a lovely Easter.
Yours sincerely.

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