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lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

New kids in the blog: De la Rosa, Schumacher and I

Dear readers,

This is my first post. The idea for this post came from when I was thinking about what to write. I didn’t have any experiences writing at a blog, therefore everything was new to me, I was really nervous. But, just then, the commentaries said something that brought light to me, “Pedro de la Rosa and Michael Schumacher are new.” That gave me the idea. I was new and they (Mr. De la Rosa and Mr. Schumacher) were new! This idea also gave me the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am called Super Coletitas or Great Pigtails, I’m female. I’m a teenager. My interests are swimming and watching Formula 1 at the television. My favourite book is Twilight (and the entire saga). My favourite movie is French kiss. I’M A NEW BLOGGER!!

Mr. De la Rosa is a F1 racer. He has participated in 71 Grands Prix, making his debut on March 7, 1999 and gaining a total of 29 points. But, during the last few seasons has combined with the test task, the commentator job on television broadcasts of F1, first “Telecinco” and then “la Sexta”, Spanish TV channels. Mr. De La Rosa started his F1 career in 1998 as a test pilot of Benson & Hedges Jordan Grand Prix, where he made more than 4,500 km and works within the program of development of Honda engines. In 1999 achieved his debut in Formula 1 with the Arrows team, under the sponsorship of Repsol. At the end of the season was ranked 18th. In 2000 he continued with the Orange Arrows team where he got the 15th place in the overall championship. However, 2001 was difficult for Peter Arrows communicates the decision to dispense with his services after the breakdown of the team with Repsol. Then Mr. De La Rosa started at Jaguars Racing as a manager. That same year he won the fifth place in the Italian Grand Prix and sixth in Canada. In 2002 Mr. De La Rosa continued as manager of Jaguar Racing.

In 2003 Mr. De La Rosa was hired as a test driver for McLaren-Mercedes. In 2005 he was the main leader in the Friday session tests. At the end of the 2006 season, McLaren confirmed that Mr. De La Rosa was going to race in McLaren. In 2007 Mr. De La Rosa was McLaren test driver.

Pedro de la Rosa commenced hard at the start of the 2010 preseason, as a candidate for a seat holder on many teams like Force India, the re-born Sauber, or new fields as USF1. The team Force India, however, announced in November 2009 that would continue to be Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi as there pilots .However, On January 19, 2010, Sauber team announced that Mr. De la Rosa would be the team's official driver for the 2010 season. AND HE WAS NEW IN VALENCIA!

Mr. Schumacher is a German racing driver and the most successful in history. It has seven world titles with Benetton Formula and Ferrari Racing Team. Following his retirement from Formula 1 in 2006, in 2010 he returned to competition at the orders of Ross Brawn at the Mercedes team GP.1. Mr. Schumacher rose for the first time a kart at four years old. He progressed in karting, especially in which he was runner-up junior to 16 years. Mr. Schumacher impressed Flavio Briatore, boss of the Benetton team and Mr. Schumacher was booked.

In 1996 he went to Ferrari, taking all this equipment, reconstructing the Italian team. According to Forbes magazine's publication of June 2006 (year of his retirement), Schumacher was the second highest-earning sportsman in the world with 48.2 million Euros a year, only surpassed by Tiger Woods, of which some are dedicated to giving humanitarian.

After the crash of Ferrari's Felipe Massa during qualifying Grand Prix of Hungary in 2009 and his subsequent hospitalization, Schumacher was chosen as his replacement. On July 29, 2009 was confirmed by the Italian team and the pilot itself, which would replace Schumacher Barrichello in the European GP in Valencia to be played on August 23, 2009. However, on August 11, Schumacher ruled out their participation for failing to overcome an injury in the neck. In December 2009, confirmed his return for the 2010 season, this time linked to the new Mercedes Grand Prix team (ex Brawn GP). AND HE WAS NEW IN VALECIA!

Mr. De La Rosa and Mr. Schumacher didn’t have good results. The first one was sanctioned and the second had the worse position, although we have things in common, I hope I get better results.

Yours sincerely,
Super Coletitas.

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Primo de Anónimo dijo...

Dear Great Pigtails,
Congratulations for your first post
I hope it will be the first on a long queue.

Super Coletitas dijo...

Dear Primo de Anónimo,
Thank you for your warm welcome.
And, yes, I will do a new post for Silverstone race.
Yours sincerely.

Martín Herzog dijo...

Bienvenida... ¡quiero más!

Super Coletitas dijo...

Estimado Martín Herzog,
Muchas gracias por su cometario, que me anima a seguir escribiendo. Intentare publicar otra entrada para la carrera de Silverstone.

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