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viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

English Passion

Dear readers,

I was thinking of what to write, when I realised that I had it in front of me; The English flag! This gave me the idea. Mr. Button had done a fabulous race and Mr. Hamilton had reached nearly the top, second behind the amazing Mr. Webber. So, I’m going to talk about the formidable English racers; Mr. Button and not least Mr. Hamilton.

Mr. Button began karting at the age of eight, after his father bought him his first kart, and made an extraordinarily successful start. He won all 34 races of the 1991 British Cadet Kart Championship, along with the title. Further successes followed, including three triumphs in the British Open Kart Championship. In 1997, he became the youngest driver ever to win the European Super A Championship, and won the Ayrton Senna Memorial Cup as well, precipitating a move into car racing. At the end of 1999 there was a vacant race seat available at the Williams team, following the departure of Alex Zanardi. The team boss Frank Williams arranged a 'shoot-out' between Button and Formula 3000 racer; Bruno Junqueira. Button won the seat, being told only 15 minutes before the launch of the car.

The most important information about Mr. Button is he has raced in 182 races, in which he has won 9 times, won a championship, did 29 podiums, 460 points in his career, 7 pole positions and he has done 3 fastest laps. His is a real F1 love story and the 11 of June he prove all his effort by giving him a great 4th position. Mr. Button struggled in the classification of Silverstone, being the 14th, but in the hole raced he proved that he would give everything for his supporters and he did; climbing to the points and passing 6 racers at once and 4 after. In this race Mr. Button had also the pressure of his supporters and the obligation of doing the best he could. Now, I have a question: If this is what he can do from the 14th position what can he do from a good position? Don’t wait more Germany, the heroes are coming!

Mr. Hamilton did no less work than Mr. Button, but he fought against the best of the best; Mr. Alonso and Mr. Vettel. Mr. Hamilton started racing when he was the age of ten. Hamilton approached McLaren team principal Ron Dennis at the Autosport Awards ceremony in December 1995 and told him, "I want to race for you one day...I want to race for McLaren." Less than three years later, he was signed by McLaren and Mercedes-Benz to their Young Driver Support Programme. After winning the British Formula Renault, Formula Three Euroseries, and GP2 championships, then, he became a McLaren F1 driver in 2007, making his Formula One debut 12 years after his initial encounter with Dennis.

The most important information about Mr. Hamilton is; he has raced in 60 races, in which he has won 13 times, won a championship, did 33 podiums, 401 points in his career, 18 pole positions and he has done 5 fastest laps. His is a true racing live. Mr. Hamilton was the 4th at the classification of Silverstone and he did some fabulous overtaking. During the race he was cheered by his loved England as he overtook and did tremendous race.


Congratulations Mr. Button and Mr. Hamilton.

Yours sincerely,
Super Coletitas

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F-1 A.L.C. dijo...

english heroes in an english land defending from the germans trying to rule the world....championship

Super Coletitas dijo...

Dear F1ALC,
Thank you for commenting my post.
Lots of people don’t believe in English heroes, although Mr. Button and Mr. Churchill won against Germans and Germany.

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